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Tennessee BC-C Industrial Contractor Exam Books

Can't find all the required books for the TN BC-C industrial contractor exam? Lucky for you, we've got all the most up-to-date books that you need in one place! Whether you're looking for a complete set with all the Tennessee industrial contractor reference books or simply looking for one missing book, we’ve got complete sets and individual books for sale!

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  • International Building Code 2012
  • Code of Federal Regulations (OSHA)
  • Modern Masonry
  • Pipe and Excavation Contracting Revised
  • Handling and Erection of Steel Joists and Joist Girders
  • SDI Manual of Construction with Steel Deck
  • Instructional Manual for Training and Certification of Field Personnel for Unbonded Post-Tensioning
  • Erector?s Manual
  • Placing Reinforcing Bars ? Recommended Practices
  • Design & Control of Concrete Mixtures
  • Carpentry & Building Construction
  • ACI 530-11 Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures
  • ACI 318-11 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary
  • Contractors' Guide to Business, Law and Project Management - Tennessee 2nd Edition

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