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PSI Exam & Book Information

As the exam administrator for your exam, the PSI reference list is the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the books that you need to pass your specific contractor exam. Here at Contractor Book Warehouse, we use these very lists to provide you with the best possible resources to prepare you for your PSI contractor exam.

PSI administrators require the following rules and regulations when it comes to your reference book when taking the exam:

What is ALLOWED during the PSI regulated exam:

  • Highlighting & underlining text/tables
  • Attaching index tabs to books as long as they are NOT removable once placed. (For example: Post-It Notes are NOT acceptable).

What is NOT ALLOWED during the PSI regulated exam:

  • ANY writing or additional numbers, words, drawings, etc
  • inserting additional pages to the books

Upon entering the exam, PSI proctors will inspect your books thoroughly to ensure that they meet these guidelines. Once again, do NOT write in your books.

Other Helpful PSI NASCLA Exam Info:

  • Code books must be the exact year the exam administrator has required
  • As for other trade books, you can use the edition and/or year they refer to OR later editions as they become available (we make this easy by listing each book with the correct year and edition)!

PSI Contact Information:

  • PSI Services, LLC
  • Phone: 8000-733-9267
  • Website: