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PSI Services is the exam administrator for your contractor exam. They do provide a list of reference books for each individual license and it is this list of books that we provide for you.

Most of the State Licensing Boards require that you also take a Business & Law exam. You will see the Business & Law book listed in our book packages if your license requires it.

While preparing for the exam you are allowed to highlight or underline text and tables in the books, but there can be no writing. No numbers, words, drawings, etc.

Do not try to insert additional pages into the books. These are not allowed.

You can attach index tabs to books as long as they are not removable once you have attached them. For example, Post-it Notes are not acceptable.

The exam proctor will inspect your books prior to you entering the exam room and once again as you leave. I can't emphasize enough, do not write in your books.

As for particular editions of books;
Code books have to be the exact year the exam administrator has required. If your exam references a 2006 code book, do not buy a 2012. You will not be allowed to take it into the exam.
As for all other trade books, you can use the edition and/or year they refer to, OR LATER EDITIONS as they become available. We always have the latest editions available. All of the books we have listed for your particular exam are exactly the correct year and edition.

If we ever send you a book that is incorrect, we will gladly replace it for you at our expense.

PSI's Contact Information:
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